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  1. isITethical can support trust. We work in Lancashire, we all know each other, we know the organisations, there’s a culture of trust, which we’ve developed over many many years. But the sort of thing you’re talking about applies soon as you start to move outside the Lancashire comfort zone. There’ll be elements of trust with adjoining areas, Manchester, Merseyside, Cumbria but when you get beyond that, you need to know that the other people are working to the same ethical standards, the same legislation. isITethical can give you re-assurance: we are applying these common minimum standards, ok we can talk to you.
    Mark Bartlett Civil Contingencies Officer, Lancaster City Council

  2. Dear Mark
    thank you very much, that’s a really thoughtful comment. Indeed, we think of the isITethical Guidance as a form of ‘soft standards’ and our methods of creative ethical impact assessment are intended to develop shared capacity. We’re pursuing ideas of certification with our services, which would make this an official means of supporting trust.

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