Services and guidance for ethical IT innovation.
We use Ethics through Design to impact responsible research innovation.
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What We Do

The isITethical? Exchange is an innovation research collaboratory that supports, drives, and scaffolds societal r&d capacity for socio-technological innovation, responsive to societal and planetary crises. 

Via knowledge exchange, creative and participatory methods, we aim to make spaces and tools with which designers, engineers, practitioners, communities and policymakers, can collectively consider, anticipate, and shape better futures. We do this in multiple ways:


Conducting high impact and original research into fields such as track & trace technologies, emergency 5G broadband networks, artificial intelligence, and medical data practices. See our publications.


Working in collaboration with industry to consult on ethical, legal and social issues of new technologies, offering tailored work packages for knowledge exchange projects across Europe.

ELSI Impact Assessments

Designing agile and adaptable methods for industry, practitioners, policy makers and academics to reflect upon with wider impacts of their endeavours.


Creating toolkits for socio-technical innovators, to work with their own technologies and make them more ethical, throughout the design process

Practitioner Evaluation

Collaborating with practitioners, including emergency responders in fire, paramedic and police, and medical professionals, to facilitate formative evaluation and ethical assessment of new technologies relevant to their fields.

Ethics through Design

Our aim is to open spaces for knowledge exchange and circumspect reflection on future ELSI implications of socio-technological R&D

We work with Ethics through Design methodology that uses a design process and thinking to catalyze collaborative discussions about responsible research innovation, following 3 Principles: 

  • Art Thinking 
  • Engagement 
  • Anticipatory Ethics

Our outcomes are always dependent upon the level of participants’ engagement (developers, communities, designers, policymakers, practitioners). We work with a concept of ethics that moves away from the tick-box exercise, and towards context-dependent, collaborative practice. 

Our role, beyond evaluators and consultants, is facilitating collaborative conversation and the type of activities are art-based, playful and co-creative.