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  1. We actively looked for approaches how to help digital ethics … We used the guidance for a full analysis of our healthcare information exchange platform and produced a practical manual to help any practitioner as well as operator understand the ELSI aspects that had to be observed during information sharing.

    In addition to the benefit of having a comprehensive guidance, we also experienced a lot of reassurance that many problems which seemed to suffer stagnation due to various perceived regulatory barriers, could actually be solved in a very pragmatic way by breaking them down and tackling their different components with a common sense attitude and solid ethics expertise.

    My experience shows that using the isitethical guidance enables research teams to provide trustworthy technologies with good chances for acceptance and implementation. I strongly believe that the impact of the work done by Prof. Buescher and her team is tremendous. Perhaps one of the reasons for the success is that the work is not executed in an ethics silo.

    Dr Toni Staykova, FRACP
    Vice President International Education and Innovations
    Cambridge Medical Academy
    Cambridge, UK

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