IsITethical provides support for responsible digital innovation in PPDR, building on over 15 years of working with practitioners and ICT developers in academia and industry. The team of social science and design researchers provides guidance on ethical, legal, and social challenges and opportunities that arise in the design and use of new digital communications networks, devices, services and applications. Examples of challenges include data protection under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), security, surveillance, information overload, accountability, trust, responsibility; opportunities include improved collaboration, situation awareness, agility, transparency, new partnerships, training and learning. The isITethical team offer research-based consultancy, creative ethical impact assessment for useful, high quality, responsible innovation, training and continued professional development, a community platform for exchange.

The IsITethical Boardgame is one example:

Is IT Ethical ? | Research Project Film from studio donshades on Vimeo.


Overall, we provide a range of services and support:


  • You will receive training in new approaches to ethical impact assessment fit for emerging futures of collaborative information management and in balance with fundamental human rights.
  • You will increase your capacity to anticipate ethical, legal, and social opportunities and challenges for ICT innovation in PPDR/DRM.
  • You will enhance your capacity to address challenges and opportunities.

Check the isITethical Logbook for testimonials, to see where we’ve been and what we’ve done.

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