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    Successful application of information technology (IT) absolutely relies on an as-best-as-possible/ complete understanding of all actors and stakeholders involved, their relationships, interactions, tasks and not to forget intrinsic motivations, needs and fears. Only recently these aspects have gotten some attention. Mainly because of failing solutions or inexplicable adverse reactions of users or society. Among them are electronic health records, disaster alert applications, CoVID19 alert apps to name only a few. Since interaction with practitioners, users and all other involved stakeholders has shown to be a key success factor in designing useful solutions for current problems, the appropriate tools and practices are essential. We have identified however a critical research gap regarding applicable and scientifically sound methods for understanding actors and processes at these early stages of systems design.

    With the isITethical team and guidance we have applied several techniques like Video-Prototyping and other methods to e.g. analyzing and improving Public Health (, Austria’s Electronic Health Record system and E-Vaccination program). We have also introduced
    her toolset to our partners at a large international research program involving clinical additive manufacturing for medical applications (CAMed,

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