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  1. We all have ethics in a corner of our mind. We are committed to the public good, and ethics is important, but it’s generally personal and we are lacking tools to have it, to have a process to have ethics in our job and to have common references because it’s not exactly the same in neighbouring cities or areas, in France, in Germany, and we have to to find something common to trust each other. isITethical provides novel tools. We started a few years ago to include environmental issues in public procurement, before there was only ‘the price, the price’ and a little bit of technique to better the price. Today environmental issues are an important concern. Why not include ethical issues in the process? It could be non-discrimination or such things. It’s important to build this in, but to do this we need tools and today these tools don’t exist.
    Gérard Carmona, Lieutenant-Colonel, Chargé de mission pôle fonctionnel OIV, Ministère de L’Intérieur, France.

  2. Dear Gérard
    I love the idea of including ethical considerations as a standard process into procurement! Our isITethical? creative ethical impact assessment services are designed to support everyone involved, from the practitioners who use new technologies or who express demand for new technologies, to IT developers, policy-makers, regulators, and members of the public who experience disaster risk management as it is augmented through digital technologies. Certification is a next step for us.

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