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  1. A personal view from my involvement with the police is that we have to bear in mind an ethical response to any situation, because we are a public service, and the public expect that from us. We are allowed to work to a certain level and that must be controlled, otherwise we start breaching the rights of individuals. Any work done with data, right down to individuals, how information is captured, assessed, and disposed of is a key topic. We have to review our processes continuously. isITethical supports this, it is thought provoking.
    Emergency Planning Officer, Lancashire Constabulary and Lancashire Resilience Forum

  2. Dear Adrian
    thank you, that’s exactly what we want to be – thought provoking in the midst of professional practice. We are very aware of the high levels of awareness and experience of ethical, legal, and social issues in your practice. This is why isITethical is a community platform. The issues we address are highly dynamic and context-dependent, so ‘stories’ from the field are really important. Our idea is to make isITethical a ‘living’ resource that supports dialogue and contributions from different stakeholders.

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