PSCE 2018

IsITethical Table-Top Exercise

Manfred Blaha

IsITethical? is a completely different way of solving a problem. Much better than a 200-pages document that nobody reads at the end of the day.

President, Public Safety Communications Europe

Irene Omondi

[isITethical shows that] … inclusiveness is beyond access to technology, across age, gender, place of origin … Read more here

United Nations High commissioner for Refugees - Mafraq, ISCRAM 2018

Gérard Carmona

We all have ethics in a corner of our mind. We are committed to the public good, and ethics is important, but it’s generally personal and we are lacking tools to have it, to have a process to have ethic in our job and to have common references. isITethical provides novel tools. Read more here

Lieutenant-Colonel, Chargé de mission pôle fonctionnel OIV, Ministère de L’Intérieur, France

Siegfried Voessner

With these innovative tools and methods we are much better equipped to tackle larger and more difficult problems (both in social and in technical dimensions). Read more here

Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn., Vice-Dean, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Economic Sciences, Graz University of Technology, Austria

Becca Hume

A very engaging way to address digital ethics.

CEO TapSOS, BAPCO Conference

Emmanuelle Villebrun

With highly standardized communication systems, security forces will benefit from latest mobile communications technologies. ... Works on ethical issues can help in the definition of the system anticipating potential regulations and ethical rules. That is why this works needs to be anticipated and encouraged. Read more here

Emmanuelle Villebrun, SG/MGMSIC/MPRRF, French Interior Ministry, Architecte technique du réseau radio du futur

Adrian Grant

A personal view from my involvement with the police is that we have to bear in mind an ethical response to any situation, because we are a public service, and the public expect that from us. We have to review our processes continuously. isITethical supports this, it is thought provoking. Read more here.

Emergency Planning Officer, Lancashire Constabulary and Lancashire Resilience Forum

Marie-Christine Bonnamour

Now we often say “ok with technology I can do this and this”, but it is important to keep in mind that you have to verify if this is ethical, legal so that you bring that into the design at a very early stage. The IsITethical? Exchange allows you to incorporate these elements much earlier in your innovative process.

CEO Squaris, PSCE, 6-7 May 2018

Toni Staykova

My experience shows that using the isITethical guidance enables research teams to provide trustworthy technologies with good chances for acceptance and implementation. I strongly believe that the impact of the work done by Prof. Buescher and her team is tremendous. Perhaps one of the reasons for the success is that the work is not executed in an ethics silo. Read more here.

Dr. FRACP, Vice President International Education and Innovations, Cambridge Medical Academy, Cambridge, .

Mark Bartlett

isITethical can support trust. We work in Lancashire, we all know each other, we know the organisations, there’s a culture of trust, which we’ve developed over many many years. ... but when you get beyond that, you need to know that the other people are working to the same ethical standards, the same legislation. isITethical can give you re-assurance: we are applying these common minimum standards. Read more here

Civil Contingencies Officer, Lancaster City Council